The hopper weighing system can be converted into any current or new installation of hoppers. The weight data can be collected by the user on a digital indicator, in the computer system, on a mobile device or even via SMS.

Between the pedestals and the hopper, the load cells with the necessary capacity are located. The hopper is now placed on the load cells and the hopper's inlet and outlet lines are now fitted (if required) with suspension bellows to improve the system's output. If the exit line (probably at the bottom of the hopper) is not fitted with suspension bellows, the output and accuracy of the weight would be impeded because of continuous interference caused by the pipeline.


Due to the use of a ring torsion compression load cell with self-aligning load button, UNV-C Weigh Modules with lift-off safety & self-jacking arrangement have a very low profile. This is suitable for the application of Tank / Silo Weighing.

We are involved in the making and supply of a wide range of High Precision Medical, fork lift weighing systems, Neonatal, rail weighing systems, Hospitality, Health Care, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Marine, Aviation, Military, Automobile, Rail-Road Weighing Scale, Retail, Batching & Construction, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mines &, R & D, Measuring Devices, SPM's and On-Board Weighing Applications. All our goods are routed via our Channel Partner M/s exclusively. Products are for Delivered for clients in India & Overseas.

In our In-house Multiple Computerized Loading Stations with the highest accuracy requirements (Traceable to National/US/European Standards), our product is type checked for all parameters using the accelerated fatigue testing process.

Our company offers a wide range of hopper weighing systems designed and built for bin/hoppers to be precisely and accurately weighed. These controllers are commonly used in pharmaceutical and chemical applications because they are compact in nature and precision engineering device.

18 Years of Experience Manufacturing of Weigh bridge


• Digital indicator based microprocessor
• Extremely reliable
• Sustainable

In a hopper weighing device, the number of load cells depends on the number of pedestals where the hopper is placed. If it is to be a new build, then it is possible to adjust the number of load cells accordingly, so if the weighing device is about to be fixed in an existing hopper, then the number of load cells would be the same as the number of pedestals or pillars.

It is possible to position a lower capacity circular hopper on three load cells, but heavy and rectangular/square tanks should be placed on a minimum of four load cells to provide the hopper structure with sufficient support, and the maximum number of load cells which depend on the hopper requirement and size.

For high-capacity vessel weighing applications, our Hopper Weighing System is designed to provide a low-profile solution. The compression transducer, mounting hardware with a suspension to stabilize the vessel and control the load application is integrated into the assembly. This system is ideal for both indoor and indoor applications.