This train weighing scale consists of a set of sections of in-line rail transducer that replace existing rail sections, offering wheel, axle, bogie, waggon and full weights of the train.

Integration for better data processing of back-office systems


The Weigh line rail scale offers train and waggon weight accuracy data that can be transmitted through a PC to your business systems.

To help track deliveries to and from customers and suppliers, reports can be connected to individual waggons, loads and destination IDs.

18 Years of Experience Manufacturing of Weigh bridge


It takes just a few hours to install this easy but efficient weighing process, minimizing downtime and removing the need for lengthy, expensive installations.


The Weigh line system, in excess of 80km/h, can weigh rail vehicles either statically or in motion.

It has certificates of conformity from OIML R60 and R106. Our product is high in quality and lasts longer due to the high quality raw materials and technology used in its production.

Our Rail Weigh-In-Motion (RIM) / Rail Scale, and Digitronics - one of the country's leading manufacturers of weighing scales with the largest number of Motion Scale Railways

Operational nationally offers solutions for all of these and more problems.

For commercial applications that can be built and made operational in hours, RIM is our RDSO-approved customized train weighing system. Our specialist team designs solutions for all rail users, from suppliers of raw materials to end users & developers of infrastructure.

RIM provides train and waggon weight accuracy data that can be interfaced via PCs, Ethernet or the Internet with your business systems. In order to help you track deliveries to and from consumers and suppliers, reports can be related to individual waggons, loads and destinations.

The system allows you to recognize imbalanced loads and avoid multiple weights of the same vehicle by automatically detecting tyre, axle and waggon overloads, ensuring protection and preventing overload gives sound for overloading.

This solution allows manufacturers to bring all forms of vehicle in-motion weighing at the point of manufacture or examination, such as the inspection pit, providing immediate data availability.

The solution can be designed to weigh wheels, axles and bogies in static and/or in-motion and to weigh locomotives and other types of rolling stock in full draught. In order to ensure balanced loading, it is used for quality control of maintenance and development procedures and for modifying wheel and bogie suspensions.

The RAIL WEIGHING SYSTEM and weighing equipment supplies the full range of rolling stock for electric and diesel locomotives.

Core Features:

• Licensed by RDSO
• OIML and products that have been globally accepted
• Reasonable for industrial applications such as aggregate, mining, steel, cement, petrochemicals, recycling and port authorities.
• Better than ±0.25 percent accuracy for the entire train
• Plan, design, assembly and after-sales.

Accuracy 0.0, portable rail weighing machine 05%, no civil work needed, installation time in 45 minutes, to weigh static to weigh in motion as well