Committed to quality, we are committed to providing customers with the Weigh in Motion System, which is especially suitable for applications for design, monitoring and research. This device is ideal for recording both the axle and the gross weight of the vehicle in the areas where it is installed. By using quality-tested basic materials and cutting-edge techniques according to international standards, the supplied device is manufactured with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, we offer this Weigh in Motion System at negotiable costs to the customers in various technical specifications.


• Ideal for weight data recording at both low and high speeds
• Automated and modular device based on Open Platform
• Compatible with various equipment types and computers
• Weight measurement of high accuracy during multi-lane operations

18 Years of Experience Manufacturing of Weigh in motion system


• As stated by global standards, the weigh in motion system it is an efficient solution for a range of low and high speed weigh in motion (LS/HS-WIM) usage.
• It records and maintains the weights of axles, vehicles (gross) and wheels inserted into the road walkway above the weighing sensors.
• All measurements are performed at normal traffic rates, so unaccompanied by any traffic circulation disruptions an intact transport weighing can be performed.


Our motion weighing systems are designed for genuine multi-path dual-directional measurement of free circulation and confirm the accuracy of each measured transport area both on the road and when driving through road lanes.

The weighing accuracy can be reduced by the behavior of non-quality vehicles (deceleration, shoulder driving, acceleration, lane crossing, etc or various other impacts (poor road or vehicle situations, UN ever load distribution, etc.). Just to confirm if the calculated values are in the elucidated precise class, with modern measurement creditability assessment provided by the apparatus.

Our system can be merged with several other ITS systems, such as section/spot taxation systems, vehicle search, in-motion dimensions, etc.

We have carved a niche in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting superior quality electronic weighbridges and other weighing solutions, supported by our years of rich industry experience.

The best programme for weigh bridge management for all sectors.

Our weighing company is involved in the production and supply of a huge range of Road Weigh in Motion products. By making use of the highest quality material and modern technology, we design the given product according to industrial standards.

- In Motion Transportation Weighing, Road Weighing (In Motion), Rapid Load out Systems, Machined Components and Speedo Hub Drives are also available.

Our production unit's large-scale production capacity helps us to meet the demands of the industry.

Our manufacturing unit is able to manufacture superior quality products in a cost-effective way, based on innovative technologies and modern equipment. From our R&D unit, we receive valuable information and research data, which further helps us to improve and update our product range. We are able to accomplish our objectives and goals in a professional way with the support of a dedicated workforce.